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Profile for Kyle Allison

Councilmember Kyle Allison

Councilmember Kyle Allison is a lifelong resident of Norman and a 9 year resident of Ward Eight. His wife Amanda, also a lifelong resident of Norman, is a teacher at Monroe Elementary in Norman. They have two daughters.

Councilmember Allison began his official service with the City of Norman as Councilmember for Ward Eight on January 20, 2015. Ward Eight includes the northwest portion of the City with boundaries of the City limits on the north side. South of Rock Creek Road between 36th Avenue West and 12th Avenue East with Robinson Street being the southern boundary. It also includes a small area south of Robinson Street between Westwood Park and Flood Avenue.

Kyle graduated from Norman High School and Johnson Wales University with a degree in Sports Entertainment Management. The Allison family owns and operates Allison’s Fun Incorporated and Andy Alligator’s Fun Park Water Park in Norman.

Allison serves on the Norman Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and previously served on the Visit Norman Board of Directors. He also served as the Chairman of Norman NEXT in 2014.

Kyle is committed to making sure Norman remains number one in public safety and that our citizens continue to take pride in our city. He is an advocate for community businesses and seeing economic growth occur where appropriate. Finally as someone who grew up in Norman and a father, he is a champion for community parks and recreation and making sure all of Norman’s citizens have the quality of life opportunities needed to continue to call Norman home.

Councilmember Allison serves as Chair of the Oversight Committee and on the Council Community Planning and Transportation Committee. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the City of Norman Retirement System and is Council’s representative on the Visit Norman Board.