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2017 Spring Clean-up

Residential Spring Clean-up will begin April 1, 2017. Residential
customers can clean up their yards and/or garages. We will collect items
that are normally not placed with household trash, such as: couches,
mattresses, refrigerators and air conditioners (the Freon must be
removed). Items that will not be picked up include:
construction debris, yard waste, tree limbs, brush, hazardous
chemicals such as: paints, freon, pesticides, herbicides. 

Items must be out by 7:30 a.m. on your designated Saturday.

Commercial Construction debris will be accepted at the Transfer Station for the normal rate.

2017 Spring Clean-Up
Polycart Collection Day Date
Mondays April 01
Tuesdays April 08
Wednesdays April 15
Thursdays April 22
Fridays April 29

Rural customers (east of 48th NE/SE) need to call Sanitation
at (405) 329-1023 prior to April 01 to place their address on the pick
up list.

Polycarts, wagons, wheelbarrows, etc., are not to be used as
containers for clean up items. The Transfer Station at 3901 S.
Chautauqua, will be open and free on those Saturdays for any Norman
sanitation customer so you may haul your own if you wish. Remember to
take a current utility bill when you go or have a driver’s license with
a Norman address. 

Note: The 2017 Fall Clean-Up schedule has not yet been determined.

Download map showing days of service.