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Parking Study Update for Downtown and Campus Corner

The City of Norman conducted a public meeting on Thursday, October 29, 2015, to provide citizens and stakeholders with an overview of the plan update progress, current parking demand, projected parking demand (2025) and candidate sites for parking improvements.

Norman Parking Study Public Meeting Presentation 10-29-15

On January 28, 2003, City Council approved a contract with Carter & Burgess, provide engineering services for the Downtown/Campus Corner Parking Study, which was completed in December, 2003. The study evaluated existing parking supplies, parking demands (both existing and future), parking alternatives, and financial considerations. One of the recommendations from the Norman Parking Study was the development of the Gray Street Parking Lot. The Gray Street Parking Lot was constructed by the City of Norman and opened to the public in January 2007.

The need to update the 2003 study was identified by the City Council and the Norman Economic Development Authority (NEDA) as part of the discussions leading toward the establishment of a Parking Management District or Authority. Doing so will provide a more accurate framework for the formulation of a future Parking Authority.

On June 23, 2015, City Council approved a contract with Jacobs Engineering (formerly Carter Burgess) to update the 2003 study. Funding for the update comes from the City of Norman ($120,000), Cleveland County ($40,000) and private donations ($10,000), including contributions from the Campus Corner Merchants Association and Norman Downtowners.

In addition to the prior focus areas of the 2003 study, the update also considers the increasing parking demand around the Cleveland County Courthouse and Complex, which explains the collaborative nature between the City and County in terms of the financing of the study.

For more information, contact Mr. Angelo Lombardo, Public Works/Traffic Control Division, at 366-5327 or