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City of Norman Major Infrastructure Projects

The City of Norman is investing approximately $150 million in infrastructure improvements to enhance the quality of life in our community, including projects to upgrade our roads, bridges, sidewalks, waterlines, sewerlines, stormwater drainage, and much more.

In order to help our residents stay informed about these projects and also be aware of any traffic-related issues, we have assembled this webpage summarizing the projects and providing key contacts for additional questions. While not every infrastructure project is summarized here, we have attempted to provide details on those that may cause traffic delays or other disruptions to our residents. Please note, time estimates are approximate and subject to change. Please check back frequently, as this page will be updated each week.

Download a PDF of this Map of City of Norman Infrastructure Projects

Project NOV DEC JAN FEB Point of Contact   Latest Updates & Press Releases Current Status
36th Avenue at Havenbrook Intersection Improvements

Mike Rayburn

P.R. Dec. 2017P.R. April 2017P.R. March 2017;

Activation of the new traffic signal is expected during the week of January 8, 2018.

In progress
84th Avenue from Tecumseh Rd. to Franklin Rd.

Tim Miles
Estimated completion is early 2018.
In progress

96th Avenue from Arrowhead Rd. to Tecumseh

Tim Miles
P.R. May 2017; Estimated completion is early 2018.
In progress
120th Avenue from Tecumseh Rd. to Stella Rd.

Tim Miles
Estimated completion is March 2018. In progress
Dakota Street Reconstruction

Masoud Pajoh
Estimated completion is early 2018 In progress

Iowa Street Reconstruction

Masoud Pajoh
Estimated completion is early 2018. In progress

Lindsey Street Bond Project (24th to Berry)

Scott Sturtz

P.R. Dec. 13, 2017P.R. Oct. 10, 2017P.R. Oct. 3, 2017

Project is substantially complete. Landscaping will be installed in Spring 2018.  Visit the Project Website for additional details. 

In progress

Main Street Streetscape Enhancement Project (Park to James Garner)

Tim Miles

P.R. Sept. 2017P.R. April 2017

Estimated completion is June 2018.

In progress

Tecumseh between 84th & 120th Ave

Tim Miles
P.R. July 2017; Estimated completion is January 2018. In progress

If you have questions about a project that is not listed here or another matter, please contact the City of Norman Action Center at (405)366-5396 or email For information about the progress of Norman Forward projects, visit


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